Welcome To The Dark Side Ladies!
(And I Don't Mean the Latest Star Wars)

Unveiling Shadows, Discovering Light:
A Journey Toward Healing!

Transformative Root Trauma Healing For Women


Shift Your Shadows,
Illuminate Your Soul!

Transformative Root Trauma Healing For Women


Empowering Women!
How I Do It Differently

MY COSMIC FEMININE WISDOM:  Transformative Root Trauma Healing is the most powerful way to bust through the blocks that hold you back!  It's fast, easy, and it works.

I offer a 3-part experiential healing system that helps women discover and heal the blocks/ shadows/ traumas that hold them back so they can achieve their greatest desire - which is stepping into a more authentic, aligned, and resilient way of being while experiencing life without expectation and trusting themselves.  This is about transforming your life from the inside out with TRANSFORMATIVE ROOT TRAUMA HEALING! My multi-faceted approach works with your mind, body, soul, energy, and emotions to create lasting change. It's not just a one-time fix, it's a lifelong system to help you navigate life's ups and downs. Your Shadow Work journey is unique and personalized to your needs, ensuring transformation that sticks.














Here's Where Your Transformation Begins - Not With A Whisper, But A Roar!

➝ THE TRIOSharlene’s signature offerings are crafted to guide you through a transformative journey that unfolds in three distinct yet interconnected stages. Start with Cosmic Cafe Quest, an engaging quick-start toolkit that introduces you to shadow work through a creatively themed approach, setting the foundation for deeper exploration. Progress to The Domino Effect, a mini video course where you’ll discover the biggest block that holds you back using targeted Human Design insights and practical exercises. Culminate your journey with The Healing Revolution, a 5-day challenge that integrates profound Transformative Root Trauma Healing to help you chart a course towards a fulfilling life, aligning you with your deepest desires and unlocking a thriving existence. Assess. Discover. Take Action.

➝ SELF-MASTERY: Each step with Sharlene is a leap towards self-mastery—where the whispers of your inner shadows transform into the laughter of a life fully embraced. This is where empowerment isn't just felt; it's lived and breathed as you convert your biggest Shadows into your greatest gifts.

➝ THE JOURNEY:  Dive into a unique 3-part journey that's all you. Sharlene doesn't just tick boxes; she tailors a lifelong toolkit that resonates with your very essence. Mind, body, soul, energy, emotions—she weaves them together to craft not just a momentary high but a lasting zenith of empowerment that results in transformation that sticks.

This is where you become the architect of your bliss, the sculptor of your serenity, the painter of your power.

With Sharlene, Empowerment Isn’t A Destination; It's A Way Of Being!

And Here's The Real Kicker . . .  

It's time to ditch the superficial fluff and unlock your full potential with my direct and meaningful approach to Shadow Work.

I provide practical tools and personalized guidance to help you experience real transformation by seeking the light by excavating the Shadows. Say goodbye to surface-level knowledge, and toxic positivity, and say hello to meaningful change. Let's unlock the juicy parts of your soul that are just waiting to burst forth and reveal your true self, your authentic brilliance. Let's get started!

  • TIRED OF FEELING LOST IN THE DARK?  Gain clarity about your values,  who you truly are, and what you're capable of. Let your light shine! With Transformative Root Trauma Healing you can start to see more clearly.  Let's light a path and find your way forward.  
  • STEP INTO YOUR POWER:  You are more than enough.  Feel confident in yourself.  Be you!  You've got that power already within you. You can start to rewire negative beliefs and build up your confidence.  It's time to believe in yourself. You've got this!
  • TURN YOUR FEARS INTO FUEL:  It's like digging deep into a treasure chest buried beneath layers of doubt and fear.  But once you find it, oh baby, it's like unlocking the power of the Universe!  It takes strength, and discipline, but most of all it takes heart. Let your light shine like a beacon in the darkness - emerging stronger and braver on the other side.  

Wanna Know Exactly How I Do This?



Your Journey. Your Way.

WHAT IS SHADOW? The Shadow is like a dark alleyway in the back of your mind where you stash all the traits you don't want to acknowledge.  It's the unconscious part of yourself that holds you back and hides your unspoken desires, fears, limiting beliefs, and impulses.

WHAT IS SHADOW WORK? Shadow Work is the journey of making the unconscious Shadows conscious and bringing them into the light. This is where you excavate and work with the suppressed or denied aspects of yourself (fears, desires, limiting beliefs, and emotions) to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  Embracing and integrating your Shadow is what leads to a brighter, more complete version of yourself. It's the missing link to heal at a soul level and the key to deepen your self-discovery!

WHY HUMAN DESIGN? Human Design is a supercharged tool that unlocks the hidden patterns and behaviours that hold you back.  It provides a personalized map that helps you navigate the terrain of Shadow Work with surprising specificity. It empowers you to achieve lasting change.  It is the catalyst!

WHY CHAKRA PSYCHOLOGY?  Unlock the secrets of your subconscious through the lens of Chakra Psychology, a transformative approach that illuminates the Shadows cast by the 9 chakras in your Human Design. It's not just about understanding your energetic imprints; it's about realigning them to harness the power of your true potential. It isn’t just a study—it is the roadmap to profound understanding and transformation!

WHY KUNDALINI MEDITATIONS? This is where I've seen women heal on levels that no other supportive practice delivers.  It is targeted and provides your nervous system with a stabilizing force so you can do Shadow Work feeling strong, calm, and supported.  It is the grounding force! 

Step Into A More Authentic, Aligned, & Resilient Way Of Being!

You're In The Right Place
If You Want To . . .

Generational Cycles 

Step out of the Shadow of your family history with Transformative Root Trauma Healing . Break free from age-old patterns and forge a path that's uniquely yours.

Cultivate A Legacy Of Strength & Wisdom

Elevate your personal mastery and inspire others. Develop the skills that leave a lasting impact well beyond your immediate circle, forging a path of enduring strength and wisdom.


Peel back the layers of conditioning so you can claim your independence from external pressures. Shadow Work grounds you in your deepest values, boosting your personal power and autonomy.  

Build Confidence
& Self-Esteem

Discover and harness your inner strengths. Improve your self-perception, assertiveness, and unlock your hidden potential for significant boosts in confidence and self-worth.

Unlock Emotional Intelligence

Shadow Work provides the tools to understand and master your emotions with grace. Experience profound renewal by releasing deep-seated blocks. Cultivate emotional resilience.

Master Personal Relationships

Enhance your understanding of relationship dynamics and improve how you connect with others on all levels. Shadow Work deepens your ability to foster connections that are supportive, loving, and resilient.

Amplify Your
Inner Strength

Harness your core energies to empower yourself to align with your highest good. Shadow Work strengthens your inner resolve, helping you navigate life’s challenges for a life of harmony and courage.

Nurture Peace Of Mind
& Wellbeing

Cultivate serenity and thrive. Enhance your mental health and well-being, reduce stress, and achieve a calm mind amidst the complexities of mid-life transitions, career pressures, family dynamics, and beyond. 



I would highly recommend "THE HEALING REVOLUTION" to anyone who feels the need to heal both physical and emotional trauma.

I aim to put many of the practices into a routine in my life to fortify what I have learned and to keep me moving towards peace, love, light, and healing. 

I’d like to thank Sharlene for the wonderful work that she does. She puts so much time and energy into this program. The workbook was phenomenal. The sessions were intense and so well thought out. Her gentle approach was so inviting, loving and supportive. I feel so blessed to have been part of this amazing healing revolution! Thank you so much Sharlene! You are an angel and a blessing! You have given me so much hope towards creating a healthy and healing life.


"THE HEALING REVOLUTION" provides a toolkit to incorporate into your lifestyle so you can finally be the person you know you can be.

This series of classes build on principles from neuroscience, psychology, and eastern metaphysics. Each section was so beautifully taught that personal insights just kept coming.   The personal work was lovingly put together and explained to get to those hard truths without adding more pain or self-judgement.   In a short time, I felt like I found those issues that have followed me, but with a trusted and loving guide who gave me the tools I need to release them and step into my power.

This course is amazing - more than life changing, it's soul changing. It's a one-of-a-kind, well-constructed, well thought out combination of disciplines that address core issues in a loving and meaningful way. 


I would recommend "THE HEALING REVOLUTION" to anyone and everyone!  This is truly a healing process and it does feel like a revolution!  I feel like a new person and most of all, I am rediscovering myself. Truly thankful for this experience.

This program is amazing because within 3 classes I went from wondering if this was just too many years fighting triggers to knowing my why and realizing that I am strong and that I only needed a reset.

The journey of training was empowering. It helped me to be real with myself and the life I want, despite my reactions to trauma. Additionally, I realized that I didn’t have to do anything with my emotions except feel them and it was ok. Instead of feeling something was wrong with me - I felt acceptance of my journey and my feelings.

I Want To Shift My Shadows ➔

The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.

~ Sasha Graham



If you're ready to do the deep inner work, excavate your Shadows, and experience true change and transformation...come join me on this journey of self-discovery and let's kick some Shadowy butt!
There are three distinct avenues to work with me...


Start Your Shadow Work Adventure At The Cosmic Cafe. A culinary-themed journey into Shadow basics and identifying hidden aspects of your psyche with the Quickstart Toolkit. This feast is equipped with essential insights and exercises so you can start to savour transformative self-awareness. Illuminate Your Shadows!
~ This Is A Downloadable PDF

Coming Soon


Uncover The Biggest Block To Your Feminine Freedom And Personal Power. Using Human Design, this program guides you to pinpoint and understand what prevents you from reaching your full potential. Empower yourself to find the root cause and start living the life you deserve!
~ This Is A Mini Video Course



Resolve, Evolve, and Heal Your Shadows. This program harnesses the potent techniques of Transformative Root Trauma Healing, empowering you to overcome deep-seated traumas. Embark on a journey to achieve unprecedented resilience, emotional agility, and self-mastery. Start healing what holds you back today!"  
~ This Is A 5-Day Challenge (Currently In Beta Testing)




Sharlene's programs are a gift for yourself, a treat for your soul. 

I came with an open heart, knowing I could trust Sharlene. She guided me step by step with a loving and positive energy that has no equal.  I felt so supported and valued. She’s an angel, full of wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. Life changing experience. Highly recommend. 



I have gained so much awareness of myself, while gaining strength, balance, and better mental wellbeing.

Sharlene has been an inspiration to me.  I feel so blessed to be guided by her and to feel her positive energy.  The knowledge and wisdom she shares is healing and helps me.  For anyone who is on a personal search, I highly recommend working with Sharlene; her approaches will leave you fulfilled.  


After the very first session I felt something that has been gone for a long time- hope. And finally feeling that I want to do the work to get to the place of healing.

My mind is literally blown. I came out of this with so much hope and for once I have direction. I have just been existing and now I have the tools to live my life to its fullest potential! Like Sharlene says, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!”

I Want To Be Fierce & Fabulous Too ➔


Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

~ Brene Brown



Hi! I'm
Sharlene Starr.

Your #1 Fan. Your  Teacher, Guide, & Shadow Shifter.


ABOUT MOI:  I'm a Human Resources professional by education and a Spiritual Teacher, Guide, and Shadow Shifter by exhilaration. #shadowshifting

I'm the founder of "SHADOW SHIFTING" where I help women discover and integrate, what's holding them back so they can find the light of their soul and reach their highest potential.

SHADOW SHIFTING:  Think of the Digital Toolkit, Mini Video Course, and the 5-Day Challenge as express trains to self-mastery where you awaken to your full potential and experience your own excellence by shining light onto your Shadows.

I've experienced my own dark nights of the soul and made my way back to the light - so I understand Shadows because I've lived my fair share of them.

I KNOW SOME THINGS:  I've been a spiritual teacher for the past 17+ years. As a lifelong learner, I've studied with some of the best: Gabor Mate (Compassionate Inquiry), Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur (Beyond Addictions), Kimberly Ann Johnson (Jaguar Essentials),  NICABM (Treating Trauma/ Resentment/ Triggers/ Reversing Trauma's Psychology), Jessica Maguire (The Vagus Nerve Program), Mastin Kipp (Claim Your Power), Danna Yahav (Human Design Shadows), Maria Henning (Gene Keys), Baeth Davis (Life Purpose With Human Design), Krystle Alfarero (The Human Design Academy), William Lee Rand (Usui Reiki), Ashley Turner (Trauma Informed Yoga & Yoga For Mental Health), Robin Sharma, I've travelled the globe to learn with 17 master teachers in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition, and I'm also an award winning author.


What Past Students Have To Say. . .


I have been blessed to have fallen upon her and her beautiful teachings.

Sharlene is one of those people who you instantly feel connected to. She is a real gem who speaks the truth, allows you to be vulnerable while she holds a very safe place for you to learn and practice.






Your programs are like that feeling of sheer joy and freedom that comes from learning something new by tapping into something so anciently innate. 

I’ve been practicing healing approaches (yoga, meditation, Feng Shui, Reiki, tarot) for over ten years and my experience of Sharlene's programs are a little like taking the training wheels off your bike.  You are, hands down, the best teacher I’ve ever practiced with.  You’re in flow, confident, glowing, the words of inspiration, encouragement and a little butt kicking all come with ease and authenticity. Sharlene is a compassionate and kind teacher who elegantly lights the way, step by step. 


There are always tidbits of wisdom that you provide along the way, just little things that bring a sense of self awareness, both in body and mind.  

I have finally figured out what it is about you that has inspired me and has made you a very important part of my life.  I have never felt such a drive to want to do more, do better, don’t give up! I can honestly say I have never had that motivation before in my life. So thank you again for all your wisdom. Working with Sharlene has inspired me to be more and be the best I can be.


I Want To Shift My Shadows ➔

Welcome to the dark side, ladies. And no, we're not talking about the latest Star Wars movie (but I'm a huge fan). We're talking about your Shadows - the part of you that's been hiding in the shadows for far too long.

But fear not, because I'm here to help you embrace your Shadows and unleash your power. My unique blend of transformative root trauma healing approaches (aka Shadow Shifting) weave through the Digital Toolkit, Mini Video Course, and the 5-Day Challenge.  Together these are the ultimate tag-team-trio to help you illuminate, investigate, and integrate Shadow Work to decode your soul's purpose and align with your true self.

So if you're ready to kick your fears to the curb and unleash your inner fantastic-ness, you've come to the right place. It's time to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and work with me to uncover your unique strengths and become the best version of you. Let's do this!


Ready To
Shift Your Shadows?
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Note: I value your privacy and will NEVER share your contact information. Ever!

SHARLENE STARR, Multi-Certified Human Design Analyst & Coach, Level 3 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, BComm, & CPHR (retired)

>> Creator of SHADOW SHIFTING™
instagram:  @iamsharlenestarr

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